A stunning home for your wine collection

We’ve heard it before. Your love of wine has filled the house and you’re always hunting for that elusive bottle. Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of creating a home wine cellar?

Now is the time to make that dream a reality.

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Creating happy times

But it’s more than a room to store your wine, isn’t it? It’s an indulgent feature for your home. A special place you’ll be proud to share with friends and family, making happy memories.

Admiring your full wine collection in one place, you’ll store it in the right conditions and revel choosing each bottle.

At Demada, we get it. And we’ll create it just for you.

Bespoke home wine cellars, rooms & walls

Whether your ideas are grand or modest, we can bring them to life.

Based near Usk, Monmouthshire, we provide design flair, expert joinery, and professional building skills to create your home wine cellar, from concept to completion.

We cover everything, including 3D design, bespoke joinery, temperature control, glass work, building and installation.

We’ve created home wine cellars in high-end restaurants and family homes. Each project has been unique, reflecting the needs and personality of the owner. Let’s enjoy creating your perfect wine cellar together.

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More about Demada

Demada is a joint venture between two established businesses: Uskvale Joinery, founded by master joiner, Dale Leighfield (and known for its high-end staircases, bespoke kitchens, and custom joinery), and specialist building company, Resitech (known for its bespoke projects in country houses and high profile restaurants).

Dale has spent his life working creatively with wood. Prior to forming Uskvale Joinery in 2013, he worked at Woodside Joinery for 20 years, eventually heading up their specialist staircase team.

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“Staircase making is the top of the joinery trade because they’re a difficult thing to create, especially curved ones. When a house required a feature staircase, the architect would ask me to design it. Drawing up plans and specifications, we’d often combine wood, glass and metal to create something beautiful, crafting every piece in our workshops before installing it in the house”

Dale Leighfield

Today, Dale and his team use their decades of skill to create stunning home wine cellars, custom-designed with much attention to detail. Crafted from quality woods such as oak and walnut, each one is a work of art; a show-stopping feature that leaves friends and family in awe.

“Our home wine cellars are incredibly special. They’re usually a milestone for the owners’ collection and an indulgent place to enhance the way they entertain and use their home. We love helping to fulfil that dream, creating something worthy of such attention”

Dale Leighfield

Two early wine cellar projects involved Le Monde and The Old Custom House, two high-end restaurants in Cardiff. Not only were the customers ‘wowed’ by the luxurious wine storage, the business owner decided to create a bespoke wine cellar in his home!

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Demada don’t do run-of-the-mill. This is custom designed wine storage for the discerning collector who appreciates the joy of showcasing their collection to friends, whilst having the practical space to organise it perfectly.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to talk.

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